April 6, 2020 HMA Website

Responses & Resources: Planning Your Way Forward

Business owners, investors, executives, and managers across all sectors are developing plans to cope with the dramatic changes to the economy.  These plans take many forms depending on a number of factors including resources, consumer behavior, and technology.

As we discuss the various plans and courses of actions with businesses throughout the transportation sectors, we are most commonly asked about three things.

  • Acquisitions
  • Divestitures
  • Planning and Programs

These three directions can be distinct from each other or combined to create a more complex series of actions.  Regardless of what combination fits your business, HMA has tailored programs to assist.


Now could be the ideal time to be aggressive.  The number of off- and on-market opportunities is growing along with the marketplace uncertainty.  Previously unavailable strategic acquisitions can be attainable in these times.

HMA has an aggressive search program designed specifically to surface numerous strategic acquisitions rapidly and confidentially.  We research, call, and qualify based on the strategy with transparency and open communication to the client.

Leveraging HMA’s expertise, network, and proven process allows your management team to focus on the critical tasks of running the business while aggressively capitalizing on acquisition opportunities.


A rapidly changing marketplace can create tremendous value in certain businesses as consumer behavior shifts.  This may create a unique window of opportunity to realize substantial returns for a business or business unit.  Conversely, some businesses may not be central to the core mission or products and may align better with the strategic direction of a different company.

Regardless of the motivation, HMA has a proven network of business owners and professional investors active in the transportation sector.  We can prepare and market your business to both strategic and financial buyers using our proven process.

Planning and Programs

The ability to manage through the COVID-19 economy and positioning for a rebound are universal questions and concerns.  HMA can provide a variety of solutions with either direct consulting or tapping our network of resources that can address challenges ranging from liquidity, qualifying for assistance programs, and strategic and succession planning.

In some cases, businesses can create more opportunity through in these difficult times.   Understanding the market dynamics and laying the foundation for aggressive actions be it buying or selling is critical during this slow period.  Additionally, certain types of financing may allow a business to qualify for the government assistance programs that they previously had not be eligible to receive.

We know this is a difficult and uncertain time, but HMA is available to assess your business need and provide assistance and support in crafting and executing your best course of action.