June 22, 2020 HMA Website

HMA Buy-side Search Services & Successes

Hart Marx AdvisorsHMA has a long and successful history working with some of the largest companies and Private Equity firms to lead their acquisition search initiative.  An intensive “strategy first” process aligns the goals of our client and HMA team to create a profile that targets lasting value and concentrates all efforts.

In just the last few years, HMA has identified almost 600 acquisition targets for our retained clients.  Below is just one client example of the results HMA has generated.

  • Client: Confidential
  • Ownership: Private Equity
  • Type: Automotive Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Companies Presented: 282
  • Acquisitions Closed: 2
  • In Discussion: 4

Note: Numbers are as of the time of writing.

HMA delivered nearly 8 acquisition targets per month, or 2 per week for our client that resulted in two highly strategic acquisitions.  Stated a different way, HMA’s process resulted in one acquisition every 16 months with four other companies are currently in the investigation and discussion phase.

HMA has worked with clients of all sizes and experience for acquisition search engagements.  We have worked with start-ups looking to jump start their growth to billion-dollar international corporations.  Sectors have been equally wide-ranging and include manufacturing, chemicals, service, and distribution.

HMA’s process is strategic, beginning with an intensive meeting designed to surface the needs of the company and identify the traits of an acquisition target that adds value. Strategic value often balances and prioritize divergent needs such as distinctive capabilities, market access, technology, key people, geography, products, intellectual property and cash flow.  Our experience gives us unique perspective on where our markets are trending and what will create lasting value.

Emerging from the strategy meeting, we will begin do research and identify targets for our client to review and approve prior to our confidential outreach.  Once mutual interest is established, an introduction will be made.

The specificity of the target profile will drive much of the pace of companies presented.  More criteria provides greater focus, but also narrows the field of qualified companies.  HMA remains dedicated to our process of developing the right strategy and profile first.

Depending on our client’s need, HMA can remain intimately involved by facilitating the investigation, LOI, due diligence, negotiations, and close.

Our process is transparent with up to date information available 24/7 and stored securely online.  The initial list creation through the outreach, data collection, due diligence, and close will be available to authorized parties for review in real time.

Our automotive market experience allows us to find the hidden off-market opportunities, digging deeper and tapping our extensive network. HMA delivers a significant level of detail in acquisition searches, again tailored to our client’s need.

For more information about how to put the HMA team to work to help you reach your growth targets, contact us today.