August 12, 2022 HMA Website

Truck, Jeep, Offroad, and Powersports Aftermarket Accessories Companies Wanted

Our client is a strategic buyer looking for acquisitions in the light duty truck, Jeep and UTV markets.  The ideal acquisition company would design, manufacture, and distribute products in the truck bed accessories, bumpers, suspension, work truck, Overland, Powersports and Outdoor Enthusiast categories.

Our client has vertical access to deep resources in engineering, R&D and manufacturing capabilities, in addition to financial capital to complete a transaction quickly.


Financial Criteria

  • EBITDA range of $1.5M to $12M
  • Revenues can range from $10M to $70M; companies in the $30-40M range preferred

Acquisition Company Attributes

  • Must own North American manufacturing location(s)
  • Companies with:
    • Industry leaders in high brand equity
    • Innovative products
    • High level of control over R&D, product engineering and manufacturing
    • Focus on providing high value to the end user
    • Products with integrity and strong reputations among consumers

Market Segments and Product Types

  • Products for use on light duty truck, Jeep, UTV and work-related vehicles
  • DIY installation
  • Interior and exterior accessories, metal products, suspension, outdoor & overland, and utility or work-related products


For more information, contact:

Tim Wheeler, Hart Marx Advisors