September 22, 2021 mbegroup

Heavy-Duty Brake Parts Manufacturer with Strong Earnings

The Company is a well-established and recognized manufacturer of brake components for trucks, trailers, buses, and off-highway equipment. Based in North America, the Company offers direct factory-to-customer shipments and has multiple efficient third-party nationwide distribution warehouses to maintain low operating costs and high levels of customer service.

Company Details:

  • Revenue under $10 million
  • Over 30% gross profit
  • Over 23% EBITDA
  • Solid market position
  • Established distribution
  • Extensive product applications
  • Engineering for specialty and high-value products
  • Key employees interested in staying
  • Easily integrated into a larger organization

For more information, please contact:

Tom Marx
Hart Marx Advisors

John Nodson
Hart Marx Advisors