June 14, 2021 HMA Website

Driveshaft Company for Sale

Remanufacturing Equipment and Capability

The Company is the provider of new and remanufactured driveshafts that are sold in North America. The Company has significant capabilities, inventory and experience to serve a diverse customer base, and has earned reputation for quality and dependability.

The Company is an excellent strategic acquisition opportunity for an acquirer who wishes to expand their existing driveshaft business or acquire driveshaft remanufacturing capabilities and inventory.

While sales are currently approximately $1M, the company has proven their ability to achieve and sustain $4M to $5M in sales revenue resulting in EBITDA ranging between 13% to 19%.

The owner wishes to retire upon the sale of the business.

Opportunities Include:

 Integrate equipment, inventory, and customer base to expand existing capabilities and sales within acquiring business

  • Create driveshaft original and remanufacturing new business unit within acquiring business
  • Apply expertise and equipment to new markets and expand the product line
  • Automate certain manufacturing processes to speed up turnaround time and reduce costs
  • Increase investments in new driveshafts and components to provide faster turnaround for more applications
  • Resell more parts and components made by suppliers to expand the product offering
  • Hiring additional salespeople and expanding marketing efforts will support growth opportunities


For more information, please contact Hart Marx Advisors:

Tom Marx



Chris Bovis