January 15, 2018 HMA Website

Minority Ownership Investor

Looking for Minority Ownership Investment Opportunities In Automotive Aftermarket

We have a client interested in making a minority ownership investment in the aftermarket. They are looking for targets with a strong management team and a vision to triple sales in five years if they have the backing of a significant and dedicated investor for organic and inorganic growth.

Acquisition Target Profile

  • Interested in a 20-80% ownership position, $20 to $100 million in equity investment.
  • US or Canadian ownership.
  • $40 to $500 million in current sales with high EBITDA margins.
  • Strong management team – or an outside manager with a strong track record of success. Must have equity in the business or willing to buy into the business.
  • Focus on automotive aftermarket, no or very limited OE. Some sales in other markets are acceptable, such as agriculture, industrial, marine, etc.
  • Manufacturers preferred, US or Canada manufacturing locations.
  • If a distributor, MUST have a value-added component.
  • If retail – stores or online consumer sales – probably not interested unless a VERY compelling/unique business.
  • DIFM service businesses will be considered.
  • Recurrent sales, products that are used and reordered.
  • Diversified customer base, not dependent on a few very large customers.

For more information, contact Tom Marx at 415-462-1805 or email tmarx@hartmarxadvisors.com.