August 23, 2016 admin

NPW Acquires Larry Hoffberg’s DAHL Warehouse In Gardena, California


National Performance Warehouse (NPW) has reached an agreement to acquire the WD business of longtime distributor and rep Larry Hoffberg. The Hoffberg family has owned DAHL Warehouse in Gardena, California, since 1977. DAHL Warehouse is a longstanding factory warehouse (dba FEE Warehouse) whose purpose is to keep manufacturers’ inventory close to its customers for quick replenishment.

Hoffberg and NPW are closing the deal after Hart Marx Advisors brought the buyer and seller together. According to NPW, Hart Marx Advisors provided strategic and tactical guidance throughout, resulting in completion of a successful transaction. The firm is based in San Rafael, California, and specializes in automotive aftermarket mergers and acquisitions.

NPW has a facility in Southern California in Vernon, which will be consolidated into the Gardena facility in the near future. The DAHL operations key employees will be retained to service the operation and its customers.

DAHL’s President and Owner Larry Hoffberg offered these comments on the transaction, “We’ve operated this business for almost 40 years now. I enjoyed every minute and have made a lot of friends and expect we helped many suppliers be more prosperous. I am not leaving the business; just handing off a large part to Larry Pacey to continue with his successful formula. I am retaining my office in the NPW facility, as I will continue to represent factories as their sales agent in Southern California and stay active and involved in the industry. NPW will also be warehousing AUP products to distributors.”

NPW’s President and CEO Larry Pacey added these comments: “Larry Hoffberg has built a respected business over the past 39 years. DAHL is near our Vernon warehouse and operates a complementary business model. It was a good fit for our expansion plans and strengthens our Southern California market. We have several more irons in the fire, so stay tuned for more from NPW this year.”

This is NPW’s fifth acquisition in the past year. The deal is set to close on Sept. 1.